National Registry FAQ’s

Most asked questions pertaining to National Registry offered by NCTI

NREMT requires NCTI to submit the candidate roster two weeks prior to the exam, therefore we cannot accommodate candidates after the roster has been submitted.
End time for the exam varies greatly based on how many students are testing, the amount of retests we may have to complete, etc. We may end as early as 1400 or go as late as 1800. Please plan accordingly.
Yes! We offer a National Registry Psychomotor Prep Course that offers an organized and practical approach, designed to help you familiarize yourself with equipment used during the exam and the style in which you will be tested. Instruction includes an overview of each National Registry skill station and the unique manner in which candidates should prepare themselves for this form of testing, including recommendations for the proper balance of verbalizing vs. doing. A preview of the equipment utilized in the testing process leaves little room for last minute anxiety. We’ll also share valuable information about the common errors that can lead to failure of a skills station, as well as certain pit-falls to avoid during the testing process.
Static Cardiology, Dynamic Cardiology, Patient Assessment-Trauma, Oral A, Oral B and Integrated Out of Hospital Scenario.
Please bring a government issued ID and your PATT letter printed from your account on We encourage you to bring lunch and snacks as once the exam begins, you are not permitted to leave. You may also bring along any non-electronic study material and your own stethoscope, though neither are required.
Uniform is not required for either day
National Registry does not authorize candidates to view their score sheets. Candidates will only be given pass or fail results.
More often than not, yes. While we make every effort to accommodate same day retesting, sometimes it is not feasible. The decision is made based on a variety of factors, including the total amount of retests needed and the availability of proctors and volunteers.
If you fail a station, you are not required to retest same day. You can sign up for your retest by calling our office or visiting to sign up on the web. We offer the Psychomotor exam once monthly. Please note, however, NREMT must process the results of the initial exam before you can be added to another roster.
No, the PATT number you were issued for the initial psychomotor exam will remain the same for any stations you must retest.
You must arrive at the start of the exam, 0900. If you arrive late, you will not be permitted to test. We send people that are retesting through the stations first, so after you retest your station(s), you’ll be given your results by the NREMT Representative, then you’re free to leave.
$65.00: Static Cardiology, Dynamic Cardiology, Patient Assessment-Trauma, Oral A, Oral B. $95.00: Integrated Out of Hospital Scenario